fotografía de obra


The most exciting building i’ve worked in until today is close to see its huge concrete skeleton completed.. Check out the whole project here! Thanks to MVRDV and Adept for their amazing job

fotografía exterior de edificio

Kube – official pics

Finally!! check out the first photos of the Copenhagen HOUSE OF MOVEMENT AND CULTURE… my first job while working at MVRDV… can’t be more proud of having been part of the team, congrats for such an exciting […]

plano de edificio

knock, knock..

I never close a door before I open another one, and I never set up a lock. I never do so because I like to peep back every now and then to remember which way I came […]

imagen de forum inter session pavia 2014

Towards Europan 13

We have been called to participate in the Inter-Sessions Workshop in Pavie (Italy) «Adaptable Campus City». It will be a great chance to re-open the debate upon the Adaptable City. We will be spending 4 days exchanging […]

pantalla principal de video, con boceto de un animal

Steamy chums

Francisco Pomares is starting off his own Audiovisual production with self-made material. Here is his first professional release, a comission for Mira Conci’s Kickstarter campaign named SteamyChums. In this case embedded in the steampunk world, the promotional […]

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